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Nov 2, 2013 6:30pm EDT
what projects have been pulled. a couple has been years ago, under president obama's first administration there had been a big stimulus effort to do broadband funding, and stimulus funding for broadband support. what we have seen as a number of those projects either aren't going to get done, or a lot of folks have turned the project back because it is a partnership, and they can't be sure they can return their portion of the annulus invest -- stimulus investment. that is really a shame. one thing we found is every dollar that goes in the ground for broadband has a multiplier effect in terms of the local economy. not even necessarily so much in the rural area. the economic boost actually goes to the urban areas. >> surely that could not have been the fcc intent, to slow down broadband buildout. rules't they argue the have eliminated waste in some areas, allowing companies to more efficiently put up broadband? >> i hear where you're coming from, and i think the universal service system is actually a very complicated network. a lot of different rules, regulations, how it appli
Nov 16, 2013 6:30pm EST
, the last time around, romney and obama's groups, put cookies in it -- and other tracking mechanisms, web beacons, on your computer, to see where you went on the web. did you go to a religious site? a site? -- a pron site? so-- porn site? could target these mechanisms. i love i had no idea when i look up by word on it, it put 233 cookies on my computer to track where i went. withnk it is out of line other rights that we have. think about it erie it i have privacy rights off-line. i have the right to express myself. but if data is collected and used against me, i'm losing the rights in the digital world. when you think about it and think about the recent orderedons the nsa has verizon, for example, to turn over data about our calls, who we call from where. now, the government has said, that is not that much of a problem because we do not actually look at the substance of the calls. but that does not comport with first amendment and fourth amendment rights. i have a first amendment right to express myself. theyoking at who i call, could tell whether i am calling octopi wall
Nov 11, 2013 8:00am EST
'll hear about the -- >> later today president obama honors the nation's veterans at arlington national cemetery during the traditional wreath laying at the tomb of the unknowns. after that he'lledly his veterans' day address at the nearby amphitheater. you can watch live coverage of his remarks beginning at 11 a.m. eastern over on c-span. >> civil liberties oversight board recently held a public meeting to discuss possible changes to the -- [inaudible] [audio difficulty]
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3